Start a Bottling of Sugarcane Juice Business

(33) Start a Bottling of Sugarcane Juice Business
Bottling of sugarcane juice and making it available to the consumers in both urban and rural areas will help in creating new markets and job opportunities using locally available raw materials.

Freshly extracted sugarcane juice is a very popular drink in India. Presently, the juice is being extracted using hand/power operated crusher which cannot be stored for acouple of hours due to its fast deteriorating quality.
Sugarcane juice is quite nutritious as it contains natural sugars, minerals like iron, magnesium,phosphorous, calcium and organic acids e.g. malic acid, succinic acid, acotinicacid, amino acid, protein, starch, gums, waxes, non-sugar phosphates. The sugarcane juice preserved and packed in 200 mL glass bottle has a good storage life and is available during off-season also.

The process of preparation and bottling of sugarcane juice is multistep and involves essentially peeling, crushing, filtering, pasteurization, addition of preservatives and bottling of the juice. The technology is developed by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore- 641 003.

The bottles or pouches are hygienic, free from pathogens and is also convenient for usage during travel and other occasions. The technology is simple and requires less investment in terms of plant and machinery.

It can be sealed in container and transported to places where sugarcane is not available or is too costly. Sugarcane juice has good export potential and good marketability as consumption of juice is increasing in various countries. In India there are a number of units engaged in the preparation of different types of juice. A new entrepreneur can enter this field, as there is good potential for market and export.
There is a good future for existing as well as new entrepreneurs.

Process of Manufacture

Fresh, juicy and fully mature sugarcane, which is free from insect and fungal attack or any otherblemish, is taken for extracting the juice. The juice so obtained is clarified and filtered to get a clearcolution. Required quantities of permitted preservatives, additives and flavours are added. Theprocess should be carried out under hygienic conditions. The sugarcane juice beverage is storedin 200 mL bottles and crown corked. The bottles and crown cork closures should conform to ISIstandards. Production technology is available from CFTRI, Mysore.


Alfa Engineering Works8, Annees Chambers AnnexCarnae Road, P.B. No. 1284Mumbai – 400 00

B.Sen Berry & Co.65/11, New Rohtak RoadNew Delhi – 110 005

Gansons Ltd.,OverviewL.N.RoadMumbai – 400 014

Gardners Corporation6, Doctors LaneNew Delhi – 110 001

Peenya Engineering Industries492, 1 phase,Peenya Industrial AreaBangalore – 560 059

Raylons Metal WorksJ.B.Nagar Post OfficeKondivitta LaneAndheri
(East)Mumbai – 400 059

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