Start a Sandalwood Plantation Business

(28) Start a Sandalwood Plantation Business

Plantations of sandalwood should therefore be a profitable investment if managed properly.

Sandalwood trees were the property of the government for years, but now the rule has changed. Sandalwood tree grown in a specific land is the property of the owner of the land. Hence, anybody can grow sandalwood without any apprehensions. The government is also giving subsidy to grow sandalwood through State Medicinal Plants Authority and Horticulture Department.

A large number of farmers and individuals with large land holdings have taken up commercial plantations in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan. Presently, there is no natural regeneration of sandalwood trees in the Madhya Pradesh.

India accounts for some 90% of sandal oil production in the world. Sandalwood has a fairly wide distribution, but Mysore in India is the centre of supply. Here 75% of the best quality, most aromatic timber is obtained.

Large scale private cultivators, individual growers, commercial propagators and cultivators have taken up development of Sandalwood plantations on a large scale.
Nowdays Nationalised Banks and co – op banks are financing the Sandal wood plantation projects.

The Sandalwood cultivation has attained industrial proportions in India. Citing few instances of large scale industrial cultivation. Sandalwood fetches good price in the overseas and domestic markets. This has spurred a new economic activity of cultivation as well as processing and value addition to Sandalwood.

In Jabalpur there are few Institute from which you can get more information:
– TFRI – Tropical Forest Research Institute
– Agriculture University
– State Forest Department, Polipather

For any other information you can query us..

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